Monday, October 11, 2010

Forcing Paperwhite Narcissus Bulbs Indoors

Paperwhite Narcissus are a very fragrant, tender perennial bulb that cannot be grown outdoors in any region colder than Zone 8. However, paperwhite narcissus bulbs are a wonderful bulb to try forcing indoors, especially during the cold winter months when fragrant flowers can be hard to come by, especially in the northern climates.

It is quite easy to force paperwhite narcissus bulbs indoors. You will only need a few basic supplies:
  1. A shallow but fairly wide bowl (or plate with a lip on it)
  2. A handful of paperwhite narcissus bulbs (half a dozen or more would be ideal)
  3. Rocks or pebbles, or even glass marbles
Instructions for forcing paperwhite narcissus bulbs indoors:
  1. Place rocks, pebbles or marbles in bowl, and then set the bulbs on top of them (pointed side up). You should firm the rocks around the base of the paperwhite narcissus bulbs so that they will not tip over while growing, but make sure the bulbs are not touching the bottom of the bowl or plate.

  2. Fill the bowl with water until the water level is just barely touching the bottom of the bulbs. You want the roots to be able to grow, but for the bulbs themselves not to rot, so be sure that the bulbs are not submerged in the water.

  3. Place the bowl and bulbs in a warm, preferably well lighted area (such as a windowsill) and wait for the blooms to form. Once they are blooming, you may want to move them to a cooler and slightly darker area of the home to prolong the blooms lifespan.
That is all you need to do! After the bloom have died, you may want to replant the bulbs outdoors if you live in zone eight or warmer - or mail them to a relative who lives in such an area so that they can plant them outdoors. Do not try to reforce these perennial bulbs - forcing them once is all they can handle and they will become too depleated to survive if you try to force them again.

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